Boehm Media Fellowship

The Boehm Media Fellowships provide journalists, storytellers, authors, bloggers, writers, editors, filmmakers, and other media experts at the helm of social innovation with a major focus on poverty alleviation the opportunity to participate as Delegates to the Opportunity Collaboration. We understand media to be a diverse and multidisciplinary field across sectors including but not limited to journalism, public relations and communications, social media, film, podcasts, radio, television, photography, media literacy and other mixed or new and emerging media channels and productions. We are seeking individuals who, on their own or through their organizational roles, utilize the media in creative and innovative ways to influence culture, collaborate with communities and interface with new paradigms and ideas to catalyze change.

The purpose of the Boehm Fellowship program is three-fold (a) open doors, minds and networks for fellows (b) enrich the Opportunity Collaboration with the knowledge and skills of leading media innovators and experts (c) cultivate greater potential to create social impact through the media. The Boehm Media community is comprised of affiliates, fellows and senior fellows from around the world.

Eligibility Criteria

Successful Boehm Media Fellowship applicants are high-impact media experts committed to economic justice and poverty alleviation with a demonstrated interest in innovative social change.

Boehm Media Fellows from previous years are encouraged to apply for the Senior Boehm Media Fellowship. Contact Kristi Ferrel at for more information.

Financial need is a primary consideration. Applicants from organizations with adequate resources are less likely to be selected for a Boehm Media Fellowship. The Boehm Media Fellowship is committed to diversity on all levels including but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, geographic region, experience level, and media focus.

To recommend someone as a 2018 Boehm Media Fellow click here.

Media Fellowship Terms & Conditions

Fellows are expected to engage before, during and after Opportunity Collaboration in the following ways:

1. Prior to attending the Opportunity Collaboration, fellows will:

  • Participate in 5-7 hours of pre-event collaboration through video calls and session planning emails.

2. During the week of Opportunity Collaboration, fellows will:

  • Attend Boehm Media events.
  • Provide a minimum of 5 hours to lead or co-lead onsite media sessions.

3. Following Opportunity Collaboration, fellows will:

  • Share relevant content (articles, blogs, websites, etc.) in a timely way to expand the media knowledge of the delegate community through our media resource packet.
  • Participate in a feedback call with one of the Media Coordinators to help improve the fellowship experience.

 4. Following Opportunity Collaboration, fellows are encouraged to:

  • Join the media alumni community by participating in/or coordinating quarterly web discussions, webinars, and in person events.
  • Share their various media publication/work with the alumni community.
  • Work collaboratively on any relevant topics.

Boehm Media Fellowship Logistics

  • Boehm Media Fellows receive a $3,250.00 scholarship.
  • The Fellow pays round trip airfare to Mexico and $750.00 registration. Additional scholarships will be considered for individuals from developing countries.
  • The all-inclusive Fellowship includes all onsite costs for housing and meals (5 nights lodging, 3 meals per day), gratuities, airport shuttle, etc. All Fellows are responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents, including a travel visa, if required. The Opportunity Collaboration provides Fellows with a formal invitation letter for use with immigration authorities.

Application Process & Deadlines

To apply please complete the online application.

Applications will be reviewed January 8th for OC USA and March 15th for OC Global. All fellows will be notified within three weeks of the review date. Once notified that an application is approved, the applicant has fifteen (15) days to accept the Boehm Media Fellowship and thirty (30) days to register at the Opportunity Collaboration website. By accepting the Fellowship the Fellows agrees to the above terms and conditions.

All applications received after the deadline will be reviewed as space becomes available.

For further questions please contact Kristi Ferrel at

Additional Relevant Information:

  • Click here to view our 2017 Media Fellows.
  • Click here to see the media offerings from Opportunity Collaboration 2017.
  • When selecting a new cohort of Fellows, the Selection Committee takes into consideration the following:
    • The media needs identified by the delegate community and 2017 Media Fellows
    • A wide range of media skills represented
    • Diversity of perspectives
      • Gender
      • Religion/Race
      • Age
      • Ethnicity
      • Country of origin
    • Financial need